Abs of steel

23 Aug

I now feed her 2-3x a day Is it ok to abs of steel taking Xenical now. I was super morbidly obese when I decided to try Alli I knew I needed something to motivate me and a quick weight loss would do this. It is now Abs of steel months later and I took Alli for 6 of those months and I have lost 120lbs. I haven t noticed hair loss and only experience side effects if I go over the recommended fat amount. Abs of steel couldn t recommend it highly enough. I realise alot of my weight loss is down to a abs of steel diet and excercise but Alli made me more abs of steel of this and helped to speed up the process. I am delighted and would recommend it to anyone thinking about it. I ve brought the product but I m a little scared to use it. After reading the comments on this wall and people stating how they ve suffered from bad stools to hair loss freaks me out. But I guess one way to find out if this product works is by using abs of steel. However what does worry me is going to work and having lunch only to run to the loo. Also my bmi is normal I wondered if were any major side effects to alli from having a normal bmi. As long abs of steel you follow the low fat diet and take multivitamins u dont have to worry as much about either symptom. the hair loss is primarily from vitamin deficiancy because the pill does make u lose some vitamins. The bm problem is because of too much fat and ur body adjusting to the product. I have been reading up on Alli and am on the fence about taking it. I weight between 180-185 and cant seem to get past that 180 mark no matter what i do.

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