Army body fat test

23 Aug

Anyone else have these side effects. I ve been taking this now for 5 days. It doesn t say to skip breakfast as some people think it does, it just says wait 2-3 hours to eat. I take the pill at 6am “army body fat test” at 8am I eat breakfast. I have a jittery feeling and have a buzzing in my head almost constantly and feel light headed. Army body fat test sure if I m going to stay on this. i am going to start taking my 1st pill 2morrow. scared!. afraid it will make me jittery. also, why do they say on radio no diet to follow. thats my weak spot when dieting, and thats y i ordered the product!. It s probably caffiene withdrawal. It happened to me and my nephew told me to eat an apple and army body fat test took my headache away. Thank God cuz I can t deal with headaches. I ve been having some water retention in my right foot only. Could this be a side effect or something I should be concerned about. I don t drink pop and I don t think I take in that much sodium. I don t take the Healthe trim consistently but didn t have this problem before. I m a 40 year old female 157 lbs 5 4.

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