Best way to measure body fat

23 Aug

U can actually just use mixed veg its good best way to measure body fat. My problem isn t really hunger, but not eating enough. Like in my prev. post that I had to stuff myself with fruits, I really wasn t hungry but forcing myself to eat a min. of 3 portions so my daily calorie intake won t go below 1600-1800cal. For those who didn t manage to lose a single pound, I suggest increasing your calories so your body doesn t think it s starving HOLD ONTO yr fat instead. I ws so doubtful of this concept stuck to a 1000-1200cal diet for almost 2yrs doing 600-1000cal wrkouts 5-6xweek, still nothing. Last week I decided to take a break did shorter less intense workouts, despite eating best way to measure body fat chocolate, I lost a few pounds. MIRACULOUS rite?. lol Honestly went thru e day in a breeze. No headaches or hunger pangs. e only problem I had ws forcing myself to finish the fruit best way to measure body fat my plate. Also wondering if I shld avoid weighin myself till the 8th day so I won t get disheartened if the numbers aren t budging quit!. What do u guys think?. I started GM diet today, so far so good, had watermelons, pineapple, pears, orange and litres of water. I feel a little dull, but hey NO PAIN NO GAIN. 3. It mainly detoxify your body rather than reduce your weight.

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