Body type b endo meso

23 Aug

Its dont realize how much blood, sweat, and tears go into contest prep until you actually compete in a show. I placed 4th in my weight class, and had a blast. Im definitely going to do it again. As for an update on the rest of my managed to get my Associates Degree in Television Production, and I have recently been offered a Fulltime position working for a television and feature film post production facility in Midtown Manhattan NYC. I owe my dedication to reaching goals in my life to the simple “body type b endo meso” I learned from Bodybuilding. And I owe my interest in Bodybuilding to you and your book. Hows it going. Im doing body type b endo meso myself. I just wanted to give you a shout and an update on whats been going on with me. I decided a few months back to do another show, so I dieted and trained for 12 weeks, and dropped about 40 lbs. I Started at 215, and weighed in on November 1, 2008 at 174. 5 just made middle weight. I placed 5th of 7 competitors in my weight class although I feel like I should have placed higher. But I was happy with body type b endo meso I looked, because I know that I did all I could to reach that condition.

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