Cabbage chicken soup diet

23 Aug

HEDGES Dr Anna Furth of the Open University. And the message would clearly seem to be, cut out those sugary between-meals snacks, even when youre list- ening to Discovery in the World Service of the BBC. VITAMIN C AND SUGAR Ascorbic Acid AA and Dehydroascorbic Acid DHA are on opposite sides of a chemical equation that expresses an important reaction thats continually going on in our body. Depending on conditions, cabbage chicken soup diet reaction can go from left cabbage chicken soup diet right or from right to left, that is, AA and DHA are two forms of the same chemical that are constantly being transformed back and forth. Now we all know that AA vitamin C is extremely important to our health, but few of us know that DHA can be deadly. DHA, for instance, is thought to be involved in deterioration of the circulatory system, heart attacks, cancer, and birth defects. Also, and what may be most important, DHA has a lympholytic effect which reversibly atrophies the thymus and thus suppresses the immune system. Its known that stress will cause AA to convert into DHA and may be the reason why stress is implicated in all of the above cabbage chicken soup diet. Its very important, therefore, to maintain a high AADHA ratio of at least 101. Its thought that the body may have developed a method of doing this for us by taking a certain cabbage chicken soup diet acid precursor found in high levels in raw or lightly cooked broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage and using it to make a tri-peptide amino acid, called glutathione, which then, inside every cell of our body, and as soon as the DHA enters the cell, converts the DHA back to AA. Unfortunately, when you eat sugar, you interfere with this whole delicate process by inhibiting the transport of DHA through the cell wall. Cabbage chicken soup diet type or form of sugar including honey and fructose or rapidly hydrolyzable starches such as white rice, bread and potatoes we eat, its all converted by our body into glucose, and, since its our only source of energy, is given 1st priority by the cells. The glucose then proceeds to occupy all of a cells receptor sites and prevents the entrance into the cell of DHA, and, as a result, the DHA doesnt get converted back to AA by the glutathione in the cell. The best method of determining whether your average sugar intake is excessive is to test for about 20 your blood for glycosylated hemoglobin A1C A-one-C.

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