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23 Aug

Virtually all American cities lack adequate public transportation. And public transportation projects should be designed celebrity diet tips secrets encourage higher density in urban cores and discourage suburbanization. This will not only save energy, but also revitalize cities and strengthen communities. And all of those still standing WPA buildings could greatly benefit “celebrity diet tips secrets” energy efficiency upgrades. Another critical investment we need to make is to update the nation s aging power grid. The current configuration does not allow efficient transfer of power from one part of the country to another. This is a critical issue because an updated grid would help low carbon power providers, say hydroelectric power producers, to sell celebrity diet tips secrets to regions which currently depend celebrity diet tips secrets coal to power their cities and towns. Celebrity diet tips secrets updated grid would permit universal implementation of net metering, or the two-way transfer of electricity from would-be micro-energy producers who have installed solar panels or wind turbines on their own property back to electric utilities and then on to other consumers. Also, our current electric grid is not configured to provide sufficient juice to run the millions of electric plug in vehicles that may hit American roads during the next decade allow vehicle batteries to be used as temporary storage repositories for electricity produced during evening non-peak hours that is presently wasted. No doubt, many naysayers will do whatever they can to convince us that there is no way we can simultaneously fix the triple barreled threat of unemployment, energy scarcity and global warming to the future celebrity diet tips secrets of our nation. But it is also clear that we cannot accept the status quo. Whatever direction we take, government will need to invest to put people back to work and stimulate the economy. Whether we choose to prop up high carbon industries or build a new low carbon economy, it will cost lots of money in the short term. But the long term benefits gained from following a cleaner, greener path into the future are great. We owe it both to ourselves and our progeny to begin building a low carbon economy now. My wife Kathy and I are having a wonderful time at Glacier National Park. Yesterday, my daughter Kela, her seven-year-old daughter Maria, Kathy, and I rode in a hydrogen-powered tour bus along Lake McDonald. We were on our way to the newly built Glacier Lodge. The old one burned down during the Great Montana Fire of 2027 when 50 percent of the National Park s forest was destroyed.

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