Chlorine content in drinking water

23 Aug

I am looking around right now for something that chlorine content in drinking water help me really jump-start the weight loss before i go on a cruise in early Dec.but so far I can t decide. Any advce would be most welcome. Weight Watchers is half the battle. I can take all their advice and wisdom to heart but if I am starving all day I will pig out. These are the facts. I need an appetite suppressant, that s all there is to it. I HATE the fat I have around my middle, do you think Weight Watchers will get rid of that or is it the kind stress fat we re “chlorine content in drinking water” hearing about. The Cortisol thing. Do you have to diet differently for that. I was just telling my husband this morning that I chlorine content in drinking water thinking about not eating at all for awhile since weight watchers is not giving me the result I want. He thought that I was being crazy but honestly that is what I am about to try. I know some of you have had better luck with taking supplements but it is just now what I am about, I want to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself you did it girl. No one says you have to eat rabbit food on Weight WAtchers, Rhanie, they have plenty of good recipes and very satisfying meals. And by the way, plain non-fat yogurt is an excellent subsitute for sour cream without all the fat and calories.

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