Hcg diet side effects

23 Aug

The usual dose is between 8 to 27 mg, taken one to three times a day-depending on the extent of the deficiency and the patient s tolerance. Oral iron turns the stool black, which can be mistaken for intestinal bleeding. Other mineral deficiencies include potassium and magnesium. People may develop potassium deficiencies with diarrhea or vomiting, or as a result of prednisone therapy. Potassium supplements are available in tablet and other forms. Oral supplements of magnesium oxide may prove necessary hcg diet side effects people who have magnesium deficiency caused by chronic diarrhea or extensive small intestinal disease, or those who have had substantial lengths of intestine removed through surgery. Trace elements are nutrients that are absorbed in the body in minute quantities. Still, they are essential for some important biologic functions. Deficiencies in trace elements are noted in people with advanced Crohn s disease-mainly those hcg diet side effects poor nutritional intake and extensive small “hcg diet side effects” disease. One of the more important deficiencies seen in association with IBD is calcium deficiency-either alone or in conjunction with vitamin D deficiency. People with IBD may have limited intake of calcium in their diet, avoiding dairy products because they have a lactose intolerance or because they think hcg diet side effects have one. Other people may consume enough calcium in their diet but do not absorb it properly because of small-intestine disease or resection. Then, too, certain medications used in IBD may have an adverse effect on bone health. Long-term use of prednisone and other steroids, for example, slows the process of new hcg diet side effects formation and accelerates the breakdown of old bone. It also interferes with calcium absorption. In addition to steroid use, Crohn s disease itself has been shown to be linked with bone thinning and osteoporosis, so screening with bone density studies is suggested for those at risk. If prednisone cannot be discontinued altogether, a reduction in dosage or an alternate-day dosing may help prevent Hcg diet side effects bone loss. Patients should aim for at least 1, 500 mg of calcium daily, either in dietary form or as supplements taken in three divided doses during the day.

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