Kissing tips

23 Aug

It also means so energy going to the brain, muscles, organs, is a whole other potentially deadly story. Kissing tips. Simple. Excess Insulin production related to a typical high carbohydrate highly processed food-based meal plan. Couple that with low physical activity related to any number of industrialized factors given todays society. Now you have the origins of our obsegenic society. REDUCE overall carbohydrate intake to 30-40 depending on the persons response every two weeks of the Total Daily Energy Requirements to feed body function esp brain, organs, muscle, etc. Cant negate the power of genetics, thats why the 30-40 range. Some may respond favorably to 40 while others may need a tighter control to obtain desired outcomes. Increase lean proteins intake to “kissing tips” Lean body mass as our bodys become kissing tips catabolic due to reduces supplies of glucose and glycogen stored glucose in liver and muscle. Be sure to chose mostly lean meat and meat alternatives, healthier higher fat meats cold water fish, omega fed chickens, etc Kissing tips to promote increase physical activity and encourage “kissing tips” support to promotes year-round fun regardless of climate or region.

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