Symptoms of not drinking enough water

23 Aug

His blood work did not show a specific allergy, nor did symptoms of not drinking enough water appear to have a full-blown autoimmune disease. Certain immune cells were obviously overactive, but in an atypical fashion that left the allergists and rheumatologists scratching their heads. We recommended a nutritional change for Jorge, which he fought tooth and nail. God has never made a person more appropriate to be an argumentative lawyer. Part begging, part threatening, we finally won Jorge over and told him, Just do this for a month. If it does not work, what have you lost. If it does work, what will symptoms of not drinking enough water have gained. Jorge gave things a shot and his tongue swelling disappeared. Now a year later, Jorge is down to 255 pounds and making headway toward his goal of a lean, strong 225 pounds. Thankfully, Jorge now argues for us instead of against us. Not to beat up on the physicians too much, but when Jorge told his docs what he changed, they too did not believe the cause and effect staring them straight in the face. It will come as a surprise for most people that the underlying cause of all the issues described above, in these very different people, was the same thinga common component in nearly everyones diet. Gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, symptoms of not drinking enough water oats, and barley. Other grains such as corn and rice have similar, but less problematic proteins we will talk about that later. OK, calm down, I get it. Bread, pasta, and cookies are yummy. They are also likely killing you.

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